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Terms of Service

•   Buy the subscription package to get started on Subscription-, Retainer-, and Monthly-based projects.
•   Per-Hour Projects: Final files will be handled over only after clearance of dues.
•   In the case of Project-based Subscriptions, 3 iterations/changes will be free of cost, and any further changes, both minor and major will be recorded and will be charged extra
•   Work will be kept on hold, if dues of the current monthly payment cycle for subscription-based projects are not cleared.
•   For Subscription-, Retainer-, Monthly-based projects there may be an annual hike of 8-10% in charges subject to inflation rates.
•   No design files will be delivered unless dues for all additional changes are cleared.
•   Any additional changes will be delivered within 24-48 hours, depending upon the scope of work.
•   Apart from filling in details of the design brief, you can schedule a call to explain your brief at any time.
•   If you have any queries related to the quotation, please schedule a call and address the issues before buying the subscription.
•   For Project-based Subscriptions, if a client requires a brand new design on any Creative using the same content as a disliked earlier design, both Creatives will be chargeable as per norms. 
•   Any changes requested after handling over the final files and finishing the project will be charged as per norms.
•   One clause
•   Open/Editable Files will be chargeable. (For Project-based Subscriptions only)
•   By buying the subscription, you agree to and accept the terms and conditions.
•   Holidays: Saturdays and Sundays, and Festival days (Indian Calendar)
•   Annual Vacation: Dec 24 – Jan 2 
•   Working Hours: 9 am – 6 pm IST
The client will have to brief, offer feedback, and designate an appropriate contact, available at any given time to coordinate with the project for successful completion of the development plan. 
•   Only 1 Brand Work will be carried under this subscription.
•   The client will have to provide any commercial photos that he/she wants to use for a commercial project.
•   Any additional content to be added to the deliverable should be provided as per the required schedule. 
•   Any changes will be accepted only during the periodic preview Final open files will be handed over only after complete payment. 
•   All work is carried out by PRESYMEC STUDIO on the understanding that the client has agreed to our terms and conditions. 
•   Copyright is retained by PRESYMEC STUDIO on all design work including words, pictures, ideas, visuals and illustrations unless specifically released in writing and after all costs have been settled. 
•   If a choice of designs is presented and one is chosen for your project, only that solution is deemed to be given by us as fulfilling the contract. All other designs remain the property of PRESYMEC STUDIO, unless specifically agreed in writing. 
•   Alternatively, the client may send an official purchase order in reply to the estimate or quotation which binds the client to accept our terms and conditions, or an email acknowledging acceptance of the quotation.

Refunds And Cancellation :
Incase of Digital Goods, there are no refunds or replacement. Amount will not be refunded after purchase. 

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